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    Personalized and custom plastic cards for retailers

    Evolis innovative solutions provide instant issuance of personalized loyalty cards and plastic price tags enabling you to strenghten your customers experience and maximize retention and sales.


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  • Loyalty card

    Customer loyalty is an important driver of growth for a business. Opting for decentralized loyalty card printing provides greater independence and responsiveness, and helps increase your turnover.

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  • Price tag

    Improve your efficiency and harmonize your shelves by printing your own price tags on plastic cards.

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  • Prepaid card and Gift Cards

    Give your customers the chance to purchase personalized gift cards and prepaid cards. With Evolis card printers, they can be easily produced in-store, without your customers having to wait.

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  • Digital signature

    Setting up electronic signatures for their clients and employees, retailers optimize their document management, reduce costs and are more efficient.

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  • Labels for art exhibitions

    Make your own professional-looking and customizable exhibition labels as needed and enhance the presentation of your exhibited artworks. Use them to display pertinent information for art lovers and give your gallery a more professional image.

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  • Our goal: a successful project.

    No matter how complex your IT installation is, our card printers can be adapted to your project. For configurations that require system integration, we work with our integrator partners to deploy your solution according to your needs and constraints. Our card printers can be used with all types of applications already in place.

    For needs that are not covered by our standard range of printers, our dedicated project team is committed to offering you a completely customized solution.

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