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    Large format machines

    Discover the full range of Juolar large format machines

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    Heavy Duty Large Format Eco Solvent Printer M32 with double XP600/DX5/DX7 Print Head

    Heavy duty large format printer is one economical and practical printer for outdoor advertising,photo and home decorationprinting,such as promotion advertising, poster, wallpaper printing.DX5 /DX7/DX11(XP600) head available.Many head choices for customers to choose.With stable quality,this type has won highly praised of our customers.

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    Dye Sublimation Paper Printer with DX5/XP600 Printhead

    Sublimation printer has gained good popularity among our domestic market and oversea dealers with it's fashionable outlook, stable performance, wide application range and cost effective features.
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    UV Roll to Roll Printer

    UV Roll to Roll printer adopts Epson DX5 print head,1.5-3.5pl variable drop technology, and high quality parts for

    high precision outputing effect.The unique Micro Piezo print technology controls the ink jet process with sensitive-electronic pulse signals, and control the drop shape and position of drops very accurately. The number of print head nozzles can be up to 180 per color. The resolution can be up to 1440 * 1440 dpi, to achieve a high quality printing effect.

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    LC1600 cold/hot dual-use laminator

    LC1600 is an automatic pneumatic cold/hot dual use laminator. The max laminating speed is up to400㎡/h. It owns unique One key pneumatic film release device, automatic rewind function and automatic uncover backing paper function, to achieve single operation or unattended operation.

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    Locor Easyjet 6ft/1.8m Eco Solvent Printer with DX5/XP600/4720/DX718s with DX5/XP600/4720/DX7

    Locor Easyjet series large format eco solvent printer is a classical model, which has been popular for many years. With single or double Epson DX5/XP600/4720 print head, it can be widely used for outdoor and indoor advertising.
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    Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine

    Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine works with high power Co2 laser tube, with function of cutting and engraving. Laser tube moves following the designof files, without power wasting, keeping machine work with same power on each position of working table.
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