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    Software and Apps

    Juolar presents its software for creating personalized cards and badges.

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  • CardPresso card designer software

    Evolis Zenius, Primacy, Primacy Lamination, Avansia and Quantum card printers are delivered with cardPresso software, the ultimate tool for professional card design. cardPresso is a user friendly card designer software that provides the best options and capabilities for the creation of all types of badges.

  • Edikio : plastic labels printing solutions

    Evolis and cardPresso have jointly developed software to meet the needs of professionals in the catering sector with regard to the customization of price tags.

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  • Evolis Badge Studio: the badge creator software

    Included in our Badgy all-in-one solutions, the Evolis Badge Studio software allows you to quickly create and personalize all your cards. Evolis Badge Studio is available in two versions to meet all your needs, from the simplest to the most advanced.

  • Evolis Premium SDK (Software Development Kit)

    The Evolis Premium SDK (Software Development Kit) has been designed to fully drive the new generation Evolis card printers within your own applications.

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